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Tips for Writing an Obituary

If you’ve lost a loved one and need to provide an obituary for a funeral or memorial service, consider these guidelines can make the process a little easier because you’ll have the standard outline for an obituary, and then you can add to it and make it unique.

  • An obituary should announce the death of the loved one. This information is just factual.  When your loved one died, age, and maybe something beautiful to describe who they were, such as ‘a loving mother.’
  • Next, compile a short biography of your loved one. This information can include when your loved one was born, where they went to school, marriage, what they accomplished, and what they wanted to leave behind.
  • Compile a list of family to include in the obituary and make sure the spellings are all correct.
  • Once you have all the facts and what your loved one wanted to be remembered for, then you can add in personal touches.
  • Add in details that are personal to your loved one, such as their passion for cooking, or what kind of stories they told about life when they were a child.
  • Consider collaborating, unless it was requested that you write the obituary on your own.
  • Add the location, date, and time of the funeral. You may also want to add an address for flowers, condolences, or donations.
  • Have a few people review the obituary before you publish it, so you know it sounds good, and there are no errors.

Writing an obituary is a complicated process for many people.  Consider how your loved one would want to be remembered and convey that information on paper is not easy during the grieving process.  Conger Morris offers resources for the grieving process and assistance with funeral services in Medford, Oregon.

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