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The Benefits of Preplanning Your Funeral Arrangements

When you decide to preplan your funeral, you award your family the ability to grieve the loss of your life without the stress that comes with planning and paying for a funeral.  While many people don’t like to think about planning their funeral, the thought of having family and friends take care of it is usually harder.

  • If you preplan your funeral and other arrangements, you can make logical decisions that your family members will appreciate during an emotional time.
  • You can help your family avoid confrontation because of what they think your funeral and burial should entail. If you’ve made your own choices, everyone is more likely to follow your wishes.
  • Your preferences are relevant when you preplan your funeral. You can make sure everything goes the way you think it should.
  • You know how much your funeral and other arrangements costs. Knowing about the costs is a significant benefit for most people because they don’t want family to have to take on unexpected expenses.  There are also ways to prepay for your funeral monthly, so you can make sure it fits with your budget.
  • If you want to change your funeral arrangements at a future date, you can change them. You have the flexibility to not have everything perfect right away.  Change your arrangements as needed to make sure they are right for who you are throughout your life.
  • You can enjoy your life more because you know your funeral arrangements are made. You don’t have to worry about what will happen or who will take care of everything.  Preplanning your funeral means that everything is done!
  • You can let your friends and family know what your wishes are when you are alive and that you’ve taken care of everything.
  • Necessary paperwork and legal papers are taken care of in advance when needed, so there is little for your family left to do.
  • You can choose the location for your burial or the spreading of your ashes. Your family doesn’t have to wonder if they’ve made the right choices.
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